This book is a tremendous asset to therapists, because not only does it address how to treat PTSD using Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT), but is a terrific overview of the ACT model itself. I’ve read other books on ACT, but none have been this concise and this clear on the model, how to implement it, and how to explain it to clients. Another great aspect is that it is really geared toward exactly HOW to implement ACT with PTSD, with examples, scripts of actual sessions, and “sticking points” for both therapists and their clients. This specifically helps therapists with challenges they may have with with ACT as the clinician, but also has specific suggestions for common sticking points for clients. It’s well written, concise (unlike other ACT books, which I think can be overly theoretical and less practical), and useful. The application to PTSD and trauma is really clear, and I think this is going to really help the trauma field. The authors certainly have the credentials to back up the book, they are experts in PTSD and are actual practicing clinicians, too. You also have to love the drawings, and quotes that start each chapter, adds a laugh or two while they help illustrate the ideas and concepts. All in all, terrific book.