It’s rare that I read a textbook that’s so good, I don’t merely want to recommend it, I want to actually rave about it—in a very loud voice! Advanced Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is such a book: a truly superb advanced-level textbook for the ACT practitioner who already has a handle on the basics, but now wants to evolve a more fluid, flexible, and effective style of ACT. I confess to having frequent pangs of envy as I read this book (which I devoured cover to cover in the space of one week) and many thoughts such as, I wish I’d written this. It’s easy to read, extremely engaging (in parts, laugh-out-loud funny), and incredibly practical. Even highly experienced ACT practitioners will get a lot from this book. I certainly learned new things from reading it, and I’ll bet good money that you will too! … So if you’re ready to move from the beginner level ‘ACT-ish therapy’ to genuine, high-powered ACT, then rush out and get this book now!