As I read Advanced Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, I kept turning to my personal knowledge of Darrah Westrup and her incredible ability to communicate, in writing, her gifted therapeutic experience and understanding of ACT. I know Darrah as both a colleague and a friend, and this book shines a bright light on her amazing talent and facility with the intervention. Readers will be engaged from the opening pages regarding theory and processes, through the thoughtful and seasoned application of ACT, all the way to its invitation to continue the ACT journey at the book’s close. She brings to this volume not only a digestible, considered, and at times humorous read, that every therapist, not just those using ACT, will find invaluable, but also a personal sense of herself that is kind, grounded, and compassionate. Thank you, Darrah, for this beautiful contribution to the ACT community and therapist community at large.