This is my first review on Amazon and for good reason. I was compelled to write a review for Advanced ACT by Darrah Westrup. As a student of ACT for quite some time, I have read many of the texts, and yet this particular book shines brightly in its own uniqueness. The breadth and depth of experience and wisdom shared through Darrah’s words is literally oozing off of each of the pages. I read this book cover to cover within a few days because it had me hooked. You will enjoy its simplicity and elegance in taking complex situations and breaking them down into easy and digestible components. Advanced ACT is practical, clear, concise, and along with the texts of the founders of ACT and the work of Russ Harris, Advanced ACT is a MUST READ for any clinician who would like to master the overt and especially subtle challenges the ACT model may offer to both clinicians and clients. If you are worried about reading another ACT book with similarities to much of what you already know and read, this book is definitely not one of them. Advanced ACT will have you smiling with its precision and acts as a breath of fresh air when reading. If I could give this book 10 stars, I would